Sound & Lighting Packages

As well as providing a wide range of services to larger events, a lot of our core work out of festival season is working with a variety of local and national function and wedding bands.  

For any band to undertake events with their own sound and lighting systems can be a thankless task. The capital required for the initial investment, storage, maintenance, getting the equipment to and from gigs and then setting up and sound checking (which usually ends up falling on one of the band’s shoulders) can amount to quite a lot of work, especially in those not quite so easily accessible venues! Then to have to play the gig for a couple of hours on top of all that and have to pack it all up again and take it out at the end of the night simply means that some bands prefer an easier option!

We at Matrix Productions have the perfect solution for events like this. As a professional sound and lighting company we use top quality brands that would simply be out of reach for most bands to justify purchasing for themselves. Not only do you get world class equipment, you also get a professional sound engineer (all our engineers have toured worldwide with various artists) and the confidence that you’ll sound your best without event having to break a sweat prior to playing a note.

Have a look below to see our most popular packages – these are always just starting points and all packages can be tailored to suit individual band’s requirements. If you have any questions about any of our packages please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form.